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17 September 2008

Why NOT!?!?! as you all know, I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Europe. I was there with my dance group, where we danced at a folk dance festival in Southern France (Martigues). We had a lot of fun (and I WILL post more worries) but there is one thing I discovered while I was my next life....I will DEFINITELY be and Argentine tango dancer, no doubt about it! I mean, why not!?! There were a few of us girls that hung out with the group from Argentina and got to be pretty good friends with them over the week. They were AMAZING dancers! We had a good time with them...and got a kick out of their English (as I'm sure they did with my Spanish!). Quote of the trip was "I like your trash." I just have to tell the story really quick cause it makes me laugh SO hard to this day! I was literally rolling on the ground when it happened! So Enzo, one of the Argentine guys we hung out with, couldn't speak English at all really. One day though he heard a few of us girls tell one of the Irish dancers that we liked her he thought he'd tell her too (even though he had no idea what he was saying)...and it came out "I like your trash." I kept trying to explain to him in Spanish what he was saying and he truly attempted to say dress...but it just didn't quite work out for him, plus he thought the other was funny, so it stuck! He said it to us the entire rest of the festival...loved it! here are a few pictures (aka my reasoning for wanting nothing but to be an Argentine tango dancer in my next can't say it's not sexy!)