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31 March 2009


I am in love with SPRING that is!!! I can't even begin to tell you all how much I LOVE this time of year! It makes me so, so happy!
The Cherry Blossom Festival started this past Saturday and runs for the next two weeks. I am very excited for this. I think everyone needs to experience DC in the springtime! It's gorgeous! I went and walked around the National Mall and other areas near to there the other day and here are a few of the photos I captured (okay, when I say few...bare with me, there are A LOT, but I was able to limit it down to these from more than 100). Ps...I think that the Dogwoods are the most beautiful things EVER!!!! And they smell so yummy!

29 March 2009

BiRtHdAy TiMe!!

This time of year makes me beam from ear to ear! I LOVE the spring!! Of course I love it, partially cause it's birthday month, and let's be honest, everyone loves their least a little bit. It's a good excuse to feel okay about being pampered for the day! It is also a good excuse to be with friends and family. And another good excuse to start fresh! Forget new years! I hate the idea of New Years; making resolutions and all. But my birthday, I love thinking of it how most people think of New Years. A FRESH START! And no better way to start than during spring.

I had a fabulous birthday this year, I have to say. However, it was a little bittersweet. My first birthday away from home, believe it or not. This is sad cause I almost share a birthday with my dad. His is the day after mine, so we always have a joint family party. I was able to talk to both my mom and dad, about 20 times on my birthday!! Ha ha they were doing my taxes...hence, the phone calls...thanks to both of you :)

My roommates took me out on Saturday night for my birthday. We had some great El Salvadorian food in my favorite area of DC (Adams Morgan) and just walked around the area after dinner.

On my actual birthday, my unit at work threw me a nice little surprise birthday party, which I loved, and thought was so nice of them! Afterward, I left work and met up with my friends Lisa, Laurie and Christyn and went to a nice Ethiopian restaurant! It was perfect! You sit on these little stools and eat out of one big communal type of bowl with your fingers! I loved it :) For a girl that has been such a picky eater all of her life...I eat some WEIRD food!! (I'll have to put the pics up later when I get them from the girls) After dinner, we went back to Apt 204 (the apt where I got to couch sit while I was homeless, also these girls' humble abode). We invited all the boys from down the hall over and we had cake/rice crispy treats and ice cream and then just laid around and played a little personality analysis sort of game.
I couldn't have asked for a better birthday! I have such great friends and family. I feel SOOO loved! I got so many birthday calls, cards, and message...thank you so much!!!

28 March 2009


I was surfing CNN the other day and came across this article. I find it rather entertaining that people have actually done research on Barbie and what she'd look like sized up to an avg woman. I thought it was an interesting article semi honoring her 50th birthday, but I especially enjoyed the picture!

Clearly Barbie is very unrealistic when it comes to the shape of her body...but let's be honest, IT'S BARBIE!!! I loved Barbies growing up and never thought once about going anorexic or wanting plastic surgery cause I wanted to look like Barbie! Funny thing is, that is actually one of the nicknames that a few of the nurses and techs have given to me at the hospital. Don't get me wrong, I suppose it's flattering, but thank goodness I don't look like Barbie really!! People are crazy that go to great lengths to look like a Barbie! No thanks!

And ps...when the hell did Barbie decide to dump Ken!?!? Apparently they are not longer together, as of 2004? Weird.

What would a real life Barbie look like?
By Denise Winterman
BBC News Magazine
She turns 50 on Monday, but Barbie has a remarkable figure for a woman of any age. So what if you scaled her up to human proportions?
For a woman celebrating her half-century Barbie is remarkably unchanged from the young, fresh-faced Wisconsin girl who first came into the world on 9 March, 1959. And that's the problem.
Barbie Millicent Roberts is a woman with a very controversial reputation and mostly it stems from her long legs, tiny waist, ample bosom, slender neck and flowing blonde locks.
Some argue her body shape would be unobtainable and unsustainable if scaled up to life-size. They claim she would not be able to stand up because her body frame would be so unbalanced. A real life Barbie would simply fall over.
Can this be true? Her maker, Mattel, says it has never scaled her vital statistics to real-life dimensions. Of those who have - usually critics or academics - no one has come up with a definitive answer as to exactly what her measurements would be.
Serious research on the subject has drawn certain conclusions. Academics from the University of South Australia suggest the likelihood of a woman having Barbie's body shape is one in 100,000. So not impossible, but extremely rare. Researchers at Finland's University Central Hospital in Helsinki say if Barbie were life size she would lack the 17 to 22% body fat required for a woman to menstruate. So again, not an unachievable figure, but certainly not a healthy one.
But the vital statistics they used in their studies are not readily available. Mattel has a standard set of measurements for Barbie, but dolls can vary slightly so any self-respecting researcher would measure one themselves.
Do the maths
So, one trip to the toy shop and one measuring session with "Tricky Triplets Barbie" later, these are the vital statistics the Magazine was left with:
  • bust 4.6ins (11.6cm)
  • waist 3.5ins (8.9cm), and
  • hips 5ins (12.7cm)
Next, step forward our real life model, Libby, aged 27 - who is a slim, but unremarkable size 10/12. Applying Barbie's proportions to Libby's body yields some interesting results.
If Libby's waist size of 28ins (71.1cm) were to remain unchanged, then applying Barbie's proportions to her would mean Libby shoots up in height, to an Amazonian at 7ft 6ins (2.28m) tall. That's just two inches shorter than the world's tallest woman, Yao Defen. She would also have hips measuring 40ins (101.6cm) and a bust of 37ins (83.9cm).
But what if, instead, Libby's height of 5ft 6ins (1.68m) was to remain unchanged. Doing the maths, Libby would have an extraordinarily tight waist of just 20ins (50.8cm), while her bust would be 27ins (68.5cm) and her hips 29ins (73.6cm). Even the famously slight Victoria Beckham reportedly only has a 23ins (58.4cm) waist. But neither are they unheard of - Brigitte Bardot was famous for her 20ins (50.8cm) waist.
"People keep repeating this suggestion that Barbie would fall over and have to crawl around if she was real size, but it's just not the case," says Moira Redmond, writer and Barbie fan. "I find this suggestion more misogynistic than anything Barbie is accused of standing for. It's a nasty, sexual image.
"I've done my own calculations and she definitely doesn't have the dimensions of most people, but they are no means grossly abnormal. I'm sure the measurements of baby dolls aren't accurate but no one criticises them."
But others insist the proportions are unrealistic at best and damaging at worst.
"Barbie's body shape and proportions are among the many things that play up to this 'thin ideal' which is ubiquitous these days," says Professor Janet Treasure, an expert on body size and image at the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London. "The promotion of dolls with such a body shape, and other things like size zero, have wider public health implications, like an increased risk of eating disorders."
Human Barbie
But one walking, talking "doll" says there's nothing wrong in wanting to be Barbie-like. Sarah Burge was dubbed the "real-life Barbie" by the press after having plastic surgery reportedly worth £500,000. She has run with the idea, making a lucrative career out of marketing herself as a life-size version of the doll.
"I actually agree she would probably look a bit freaky if life size but as a doll she looks fantastic," she says. "There's nothing wrong in using her as a role model when it comes to looks, as well as attitude to life. At the end of the day you don't see a personality from across a room do you.
"It's empowering for women to be who they want to be and not just live with the body and face they were born with."
And women might be justified in feeling more undermined by the Barbie phenomenon than men. Take Ken - Barbie's long-time model consort. When researchers at the University of South Australia scaled up Mr Barbie to life-size proportions, they concluded that the chances of a man having his body shape is one in 50.
That's a lot more achievable than one in 100,000, giving weight to the argument that pressure is put on girls and women to be an unrealistic size.
But as Ken knows, a good body is no guarantee of happiness. Barbie dumped him on Valentine's Day in 2004, after dating him for more than 43 years. Love her or hate her, she's an independent woman.

24 March 2009


Today is Dad's birthday.

I hope you have a happy happy birthday! I am a little (okay, a lot) sad that we won't be sharing birthday dinner and cake together this year :( I still love you though!! I'm so lucky I have such a great dad!!! Love you!

15 March 2009


Alright, so here is the whirlwind catch-up post, along with the other posts I have posted the past few please, beware!! So much to say, so much to you have so much to read!

First of all, I am a little homesick (not homesick really, but just have been missing family and friends a lot). I was going through my photos and realized I never blogged about one of the funnest nights I have had thus far in 2009! The week before I left for D.C., I spent the night out with a few close classmates and two of my favorite cousins, Paul and Janell! Well, after dinner, Paul, Janell and myself were planning to have a cousin slumber party at grandma's house. We stopped by the store, picked up some ice cream and a few other things, after which we headed to G&G Larsen's house. They were sitting at the kitchen table when we came in, so we just sat there and chatted up a storm with them (mostly Grandma, with Grandpa doing all the listening and inserting his thoughts every now and again). Well, the three of us happened to be chewing bubble gum...I'm talking HUBBA BUBBA bubble gum. We got going with the bubbles and blowing all sorts of big bubbles, getting the gum stuck on our faces and laughing pretty hard about it. It took about ten minutes of this before Grandma finally gave in! She grabbed the gum, after eyeing it while she was working on her bills, and popped a piece in. Can i just tell you that it had been a LONG time since i had laughed that hard!?! She was so frustrated cause she "promised she was a better bubble-blower" and wanted to know what happened to those skills. She finally got going with the bubbles though once her gum warmed up a bit! I thought for a brief moment, after about 30 minutes of laughing, picture-taking, bubble-popping and gum-smacking that Grandpa was going to pop a piece...sadly though, he didn't. Man, I LOVE my family! I've got the best grandparents and my cousins are my best friends...i love them :)

My sad face. Majority of the night I couldn't get any BIG bubbles out of my gum!

Grandma trying to warm up to her gum

Grandpa, contemplating whether or not to have a piece

Funniest photo of the night. Janell's hand, but looks like Paul's! haha

SO FUNNY!!! She finally got it and she made sure we all knew!

Smoking the gum?!

The second wonderful trip to the Big Apple! I met up with some high school friends up in NYC over Valentine's Day weekend. My friend JC started his own toy business, selling ZOOBIES ( He came up with the idea and now markets them all over the world! Genius!! He and a few other friends, among others, were in town to help him at the toy i went up and spent the funnest weekend, mostly with Rachelle, but with all the others too! We spent the our mornings/early afternoons at the toy fair, which was quite fun! We dressed up and paraded around in the zoobie costumes, helped sell the zoobies to companies, and just had a good time catching up! In the evenings Rachelle and I would usually venture off and do our own thing (mostly shopping and eating) but went out with the others here and there as well. We were also able to meet up with Mariah (another h.s. friend) for a bit, which was nice.

And last but not least...D.C.! I think Nicole is going to kill me if I don't post more pictures. So this is for everyone, but mostly for Nicole!! :) I went last Saturday and had ME day! The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! No jacket, 73 degrees, and Washington D.C. - what more could I ask for!?! It was fantastic! I did a HUGE circle around D.C., just trying to connect it all. I usually take the metro, so it was nice to get out in the nice weather and pin point everything and see how it was all connected. I started at the WWII Memorial Monument and walked the National Mall. Then walked past my office and over to the Kennedy Center, where I met up with a friend. We then walked up Pennsylvania till we got back to the Mall. WOW! Such a good time...

After those pictures, the beauty of working with a bunch of Latinos! I get to go Salsa dancing at least once a week with people that KNOW how to dance! I love it. There is a little restaurant/bar/dance club that they all go to often. We went there this past week to celebrate a few birthdays.

A night of SALSA!

The birthday kids!