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31 May 2009

Pomp & Circumstance

It was a bittersweet Memorial Day weekend: Friday evening (Division of Public Health's Commencement) and Saturday morning (School of Medicine's Commencement) as I entered the University of Utah campus my last a STUDENT. It's hard to believe that after 7 years of paying the U an arm and a leg, my blood, sweat and tears....and my soul...that I am FINISHED. I spent 5 beautiful years as an undergad and 2 more laboring years as a grad student, with hard work under my belt, wonderful memories and came out with the BEST FRIENDS anyone could ever ask for!! Despite all the frustrations and stress, I have loved almost every minute of it!
After battling a botched engagement a year ago, I wondered if my schooling had been worth it. I was asked to give it up to make things work, but can honestly say today that I am SO grateful that I didn't. I couldn't be at a better place in my life and am so proud of myself for finishing it out. I did what I needed to do and what has made me the happiest, ultimately. I am officially Miss Sherrie Staley, M.P.H! I love the ring of that! Next step is definitely to add a PhD to that, but first to get some experience under my belt and some of the student loan debt out of the way! Now if only I could find a sugar daddy for that! haha

MPH BFFs (Scarlett and these ladies)

The crew - some of my fellow classmates and friends

Being hooded (too bad it's blurry!)

Chief of the program and the professor that inspired me to go into Public Health during our trip to Africa back in 2006

Mis padres y yo...such a great support to me!

My sisters and one brother and his wife came

Dad felt it necessary I sit on the red rock for my picture haha

28 May 2009

Long time coming!

I have been meaning to post each time I had visitors and have yet to do the time has come! Here all my beautiful pictures of my favorite season (SPRING), but even better...Spring in DC! I was fortunate to have all sorts of fun visitors as the Cherry Blossoms came out this Springtime and had a taste of my favorite - TULIPS!

First, I had Em and her roommate during the Cherry Blossom Festival. I was grateful they were able to entertain themselves, but it was fun to be able to meet up with them afterward and to spend the weekend with them. It was absolutely PERFECT Spring weather that weekend and the blossoms were at their peak bloom. It was GORGEOUS!!!

Next was the funnest visit from 4 of my high school girlfriends. Over the years there are a group of get together whenever possible. However, we have slowly dispersed all over the place. I have landed in DC with Stac nearby in Baltimore. Brandy I hadn't seen since freshmen year of college because she's been out here on the East Coast (Connecticut) and Em recently moved to South Carolina. All of us came together in DC and Alli flew out from Utah to be with us (since Alli, Brandy and I are the only members of the "No Kids Club"...made it easy for the three of us to be here and so happy the other two were able to sweet-talk husbands!). We laughed and laughed all weekend. It was a nice weekend, because no one was in a rush to see or do anything in particular, so we stayed up late and slept in...took our time prettying ourselves and catching up. No rush in shopping or wandering the National made for the PERFECT weekend! The weather was a perfect 75 degrees, with no humidity. We ended up with numerous inside jokes...and were able to somehow turn the Natural History Museum dirty with all our little jokes and 17 year-old minds! Love these girls and can't wait till the next girl's outting!

Last, but not least, my Michelle graduated from The George Washingtong University two weekends ago with her Nurse Practitioner, so she was in town from AZ! I was able to spend one evening with her and Hailey - both of which I worked with at the hospital back not too long ago. It was good to see both Michelle and Hailey!!

05 May 2009

a BIG catch up post!

For Easter, I went to my church and then went with my roommate Mary to mass at the National Shrine, which is GORGEOUS!!!!

Sporting the Easter Bunny ears @work - Thanks Raul! haha

My friend Mike was in DC visiting with his sister and her family, so I met up with him and we ventured around Georgetown...finally made it to Georgetown University! What a BEAUTIFUL campus!! We also wandered around the National Mall, which is kinda cool all lit up.

WWII Memorial at night

Some more HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHERRIE! I know, I already posted my birthday, but this was so much fun, so I just had to share! I went with a couple of my girlfriends for Ethiopian food for my birthday. You eat the whole meal out of communal bowl with your hands! And it was INCREDIBLE food!!!

Happy St Patty's Day!!
My long-time neighbor and adopted "sister" (and old babysitter...but we won't mention that, will we Jen :) was in town for the week, so we went to dinner and saw Grada in concert in lieu St Patrick's Day. Nothing like an awesome Irish the National Geographic building! Good times.
Then on actual St Patty's Day, I went and slumbered at 204 and had a Green party/dinner with the girls! So much fun :)

Some more Salsa dancing with PAHO friends, Spring and the 3 Musketeers!

My PAHO work boys

My AWESOME Internship!!