How does an ant eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Big problems are composed of smaller, albeit interconnected, problems. Solving the smaller problems will have an implication on the larger problems.

28 December 2008

I love my family

Thought I'd post some of our family pictures that we did right after Thanksgiving. I thought they turned out pretty nice, for a family portrait.

27 December 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy


(This was on her birthday last year)

She's an amazing woman and such an awesome mom and I love her and all that she does for me! Mom, hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

23 December 2008


All I have to say is I GOT IT!!! I am an official intern with the Pan American Health Organization, which is a branch of the World Health Organization. I leave for DC sometime in January and will be interning for 3-4 months. I'll be back in time for Graduation for sure in May. WOW! I am so excited!!

04 December 2008

gEttInG uP to DaTe

Alright, I'm posting a bunch of stuff, getting updated all at once! First of all, ToMoRRoW!!! As some of you know, I have applied for an internship with the Pan American Health Organization(PAHO), which is a branch of the World Health Organization. Anyway, they emailed and I have an interview tomorrow!! I am so excited, yet SO nervous! It's a phone interview, which sucks cause I have a brutal cough right now! But also I don't want to sound like a fool talking to all these men that are experts within my field of study and have worked with it in the top organizations and at all the prestigious's just SO intimidating!! So I am very nervous, but so excited...mostly excited that it's even gone as far as it has in the process. It's pretty difficult to obtain an internship with those larger organization and they have written all over their sites basically saying you will only be contacted if they are REALLY interested in you. So I'm thrilled I've gotten as far as I have! So wish me luck!! If I don't post anything in the next month about it, you can assume I didn't get it! ha ha
As for the rest of the update...just going to post some pictures from Thanksgiving, which was wonderful being with family, the Nutcracker that Jessica was in, and a few pics from my cousin Brad's funeral (the them)! And of course...drum roll please.......I CHOPPED MY HAIR!!! Okay, so now some of you may look at pictures and think, "Sherrie, it's still long!" However, let's be honest, I never have short hair...maybe four times in my life. So this is short for me, especially considering how long my hair was!


Can you tell Jackson's the only grandchild in the family?!

My new HaIrCuT

The Nutcracker

Brad's Funeral

Almost all of my mom's siblings...minus two (not very often most of them are altogether like this)