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28 April 2010

Catchin Up! (Dec-Feb)

Ugh. I have to say that I absolutely HATE when I get behind on my blog. As I have said so many times before, I don't do a blog for others, I do it for myself and if others happen to want to read it, more power to them! I am behind though! I also have a brain so full of thoughts and things I have done that I would like to write about, but then get wrapped up in other things. I guess I will do my best to do one rather LARGE posting with one BIG update! So here we go, starting back and moving up to the present!

Yikes, I am more behind than I thought, after looking at my last "life" blog post. The last thing I wrote about was all the holiday parties. This puts me back in December, so here we go!

My big brother, Steve, finished grad school, much to his relief, as well as his wife and son! I am proud of him. We both finished both our undergrad and grad school within 6 months of each other (yes, of course I had to add that, since I am the younger and finished first). We didn't go up to his graduation, since it was in Moscow, ID, but we went to dinner to celebrate!!
December also brought our family's annual Gingerbread night and Christmas (of course). We all get together and make gingerbread house each year at some point during the holiday season. I was just not in the mood this year though, for some reason. It just seemed like SO much work and I was in such a goofy mood! However, Mom, bless her heart, too my hand, as if I were a child, and helped me out! Our house turned out the best, in my opinion :)

Christmas gets more and more different each year, as we all get older. It's a little sad, but just how life goes. Me, along with my three sisters and parents, spent the morning enjoying each others company and opening presents. Steve, Heather and Jackson joined us late morning and Niki and Jason later into the afternoon.

December also brought my "last" day at the hospital. I am still working Sundays there, however, I no longer work any weekdays. It is no longer my source of income...Sunday money is just a little extra for bills. I have worked between LDSH and IMC for more than 8 years now, off and on. I am sure if you count all the times I have been gone and added them up, it'd take a good year or two out of that 8 years. It was such a great school job for me and I have made some really good friends there; some of my best friends. They will always be a family to me; my hospital family - I really miss seeing some of my favorite people on a daily basis there, but so happy to be able to move on! In lieu of my "last" day, a party was set in place (thanks to Heather). They bought me a cake and gave me the kindest card! Wow. It almost brought a tear to my eye; however, I think I was just way too excited to move on!
Another year of the Sundance Film Festival, which is always full of good times and fun in Park City, as well as good documentaries!

My old roommate, Ali, also got married. Me, Katie, Marie and Allison made our trek to the wedding up in the middle-of-nowhere-Idaho, but had so much fun! It was a cozy little ceremony in a cabin, with a fire and good food. Ali and Josh looked radiant and happy as could be! I sure do love these girls and miss living with them, so so much!

These months also brought loads of cold weather, but also some really beautiful spring days - and some beautiful pictures (I hadn't gone out and played with my camera in a long time! So I was able to do that and also play in the snow with Jackson, while I had him for a day).

While we celebrated spring during winter, the East Coast got hammered with more snow than they knew what to do with! I was lucky to somehow still catch my flight to DC in February to visit friends. I somehow was able to slip on my plane and still get out, right before SLC got a bunch of snow and into the WDC area right after their second big snow storm that left nearly 3 feet of snow throughout the area!

Night out at Froggy Bottom for food with my old PAHO crew - even the big wigs came :)

Paul's Valentine's Day Soiree - my cuz sure knows how to throw a party! Too bad I was not informed that it would be formal until AFTER I had landed in Baltimore!

And my Valentine's date the next afternoon...Mary, my old roommate. We went and enjoyed amazing Latin food!

And more to come...this is already far too much!

27 April 2010