How does an ant eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Big problems are composed of smaller, albeit interconnected, problems. Solving the smaller problems will have an implication on the larger problems.

26 May 2008


Well I have to say today has been a bit of a bittersweet day. I was supposed to take off with the rest of the group to Africa today. I am still pretty bummed I'm not on my way over there, however I'm still feeling really good about my decision to cancel. Best of luck to all my dear friends that are on their way...drink LOADS of cocktail fanta for me...and enjoy all those adorable little children for me too!

25 May 2008

Jason and Niki Staley

As from Jason and Niki's wedding (sorry it's so slow in coming). Jason and Niki were married in Logan Temple on May 8, 2008. I am so happy for them and wish them the best of luck in their marriage! Welcome to the fam Niki! Love you both!

19 May 2008

Beautiful Hawaii (Apr 29-May 7)

So I finally made it to Hawaii! It was such a nice, relaxing vacation. I was invited to go with my aunt and uncle, 2 of my cousins and one of their husbands...more so Janell wouldn't haven't to play the 5th wheel (which i was fine with!). So I was able to go and play on the beaches of Oahu for a week, while staying in a beautiful beach house that Robbie's (my cousin Amy's husband) family partially owns. I am just posting pictures for now and will have to come back and write more about the's late stay tuned, more to come! :)

17 May 2008

Oh my little Nicole is all grown up! :)

Congrats to Nicole and Nate, who tied the knot today! I'm so happy for them...good old Nicole...we go WAY back! Love ya looked GORGEOUS tonight (like you always do)! Here's our blast from the past...up to the wedding tonight (told you they were coming :) haha)

13 May 2008

One year semester left?

I feel like there is a lot to catch up on, which I will try to this week...however, greatest news of the day...and pretty much all week....I got my grades and did much better than anticipated! And the one class I really struggled with and was worrying about pulling the B needed to not fail (yeah below that is failing in my program)...well I got it, so was very pleased.
It's official...I have successfully completed my first year of grad school! I have to admit, I have not LOVED every minute of it and have had my fair share of struggles...but overall I am LOVING it!! I am in such a wonderful program that is so suited for me...I'm almost sad to say that I believe I only have one more semester left..kinda bittersweet I suppose. Who knows though...maybe one day I'll get my PhD in it! hehe :) We'll see though...other things first to think about that are more important. But I am so grateful to be in has been such a blessing to my life and honestly, I have to say (here's the nerd in me...) I love school...I really do!


Well, today I did it! I ventured out....took that leap out of hospital grounds! As many of you know, I've worked between LDS Hospital and recently the new Medical Center....for 7 years! WOW! Too long to be in the same job! It's been a good one for school though and I have come to love everyone there SO a second family! I won't be completely quitting, however, I started a new job today. It feels good to be doing something new and once I get through the training, I think I'm really going to like it! It's going to be weird to be a "grown-up" though, where I have to work 8-5 M-F (at least for now)...but it's better money and new experience. So what is the job you ask? Well I'm a Clinical Research Assistant at Lifetree Clinical Research. They do a lot of Phase I drug studies...I will get to learn a lot of new cool things so I'm pretty excited. Plus some of the girls I worked with at the hospital work there, which I'm happy to know some people!

08 May 2008

Congrats to Jason and Niki!

CONGRATS to my little brother, Jason and his new wife, Niki! I'm so happy for them! Congrats on tying the knot! Love you both! More pics to come....