How does an ant eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Big problems are composed of smaller, albeit interconnected, problems. Solving the smaller problems will have an implication on the larger problems.

30 June 2008

I love me a little TIM!!!

I spent last friday night at the Tim Mcgraw concert with a couple roommates and my cousin Janell. We had such a blast! Got to love good ol' Timmy :) Here are a few of the pics from the concert!

29 June 2008

Ballet Recital

I went last week to my baby sister's ballet recital with Clytie Adam's school of ballet. I am so proud of Jessica! She is such a beautiful girl and has gotten really good with her ballet. This was her first recital where she got to perform on toe, which she loves (I think she loves it cause she can be SO tall in her ballet shoes!). It was fun to watch her though!

So YoU tHinK yOu CaN DanCe I've been trying to catch up on one of my favorite shows this week...So You Think You Can Dance...and I think my roommates and I rewound this dance 10 times to watch it over and over is FANTASTIC!!! I love it!!!

27 June 2008

Throwing out the old!

I am a little bored tonight, can't sleep, already watched a movie...and better yet, should be writing a talk for church (yuck)! However, I got cleaning out a few things since I am in the process of moving (which is REALLY sad and sucks a lot). It's amazing the thing we can become attached to in our lives! Well, tonight I threw away my Chinese slippers! HAHA And now I'm blogging about it? What the? Well, I LOVED these slippers! Ask anyone! They are hot pink and I bought them almost four years ago when I was in China for about $2! But they had I decided, since I've been cleaning out pretty much EVERYTHING in every other aspect in my life, the slippers better go too! BOO! I apparently thought with the extra time on my hands tonight that this was definitely noteworthy news (my roommates would be so proud!).

20 June 2008


You know? I have to say that I think I've got two of the best brothers in the WHOLE world! As most of you know, I have been going through some big changes and some major ups and downs in life the past couple months which have been really challenging trials to me...some good changes and some not so happy changes. I've realized that I've got some AMAZING friends and family...but my brothers have been so sweet and taken their time to really make sure I'm taken care of and doing alright. I spent a few hours with Jason last night venting to him and really appreciate his listening ear and advice, along with the times I've been able to talk with Steve! I have always been close to my bros, but just feel really grateful at this time to have them in my life! Love you both!

15 June 2008

A big sHoUt out to FATHERS!

Well, seeing how it is Father's Day...just thought I would tell my Dad how much I love him! I also have 2 wonderful grandfathers, that I adore! I don't know how I was so blessed with such wonderful men in my life...but I was, and have such great memories with all of them!

My dad is fantastic! I've always been a daddy's girl and I think I have the best dad anyone could ever ask for! He's always there for me and is one of the most patient guys around! He's so supportive of everything that his children do and continually applauds us along our way. Dad and I also pretty much share birthdays too! His bday is the day after mine...which I love, cause we always get a joint bday party and get to share our big days together! One of the other things that I love most about my dad is when I'm out of the country...I get the most RANDOM emails from him and I LOVE it (his humor seriously cracks me up)! He's a great man and I am so grateful that he's my dad!

My Grandpa Staley passed away a year ago this upcoming July. It still seems so surreal! I was in Italy when he passed away and was not able to attend his funeral, however I was able to spend an hour with him the day before I left...I had a feeling it may be my last time seeing him, which made that hour SO special to me! I love Grandpa and miss him so dearly! I miss his humor and off the wall comments the most! I am grateful I was able to spend so much time with him!

My Grandpa Larsen is an amazing man! I have been blessed to have him around. Him and my grandma open their house up and make it possible for the Larsen side to be SO close! We've had some of the best times at their home! My Grandpa also was able to give me my patriarchal blessing, which was such a wonderful opportunity for me to receive that from him.

Thanks for all you men do! Love you all SO much!

11 June 2008

HaPpY BirThDaY to my bEsT fRiEnd!

I just wanted to take a minute and wish my best friend in this whole world a very happy 25th birthday!

A true friend can keep secrets safe. They know you better than family. Telling it straight, good or bad, but always honest. Secrets a dozen, living on the phone, laughing for hours on end. A lifetime of shared experiences at any moment...friends are the best!

Britt and I met our freshman year at the U and quickly became the best of friends...we used to be known on campus as the "Dynamic Duo" and for some reason people ALWAYS thought we were twins...or at least sisters and were always shocked to find out we weren't even related (even though my family adopted her, as did her family me)!

Britt, thanks so much for always being there for are the best friend anyone could ever ask for! I love ya tons girl and hope you have an awesome birthday!

01 June 2008

Happy Birthday Jackson!

It was my nephew, Jackson's first birthday on Friday...he's such an adorable little guy and growing up so fast! Here are some pictures from his birthday party!