How does an ant eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Big problems are composed of smaller, albeit interconnected, problems. Solving the smaller problems will have an implication on the larger problems.

18 March 2010


Every time I watch this, it just makes me smile. What a fantastic feel-good clip!

09 March 2010

A Tribute to Women

March 8, 2010

Today is International Women’s Day! In fact, it is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. It’s a date that is much better known abroad but is slowly gaining more attention in the United States as well.

"Just over a hundred years after the first Women’s Day in 1909, the world certainly has much to celebrate. But this homage to women’s social, political and economic empowerment rings hollow to most women around the world, who battle to gain basic rights to education, access to healthcare, and minimal power over their own lives. I am moved by the challenges they face, inconceivable to those of us privileged enough to live in a more developed country; we should turn a day like today into a reminder that we cannot afford to focus solely on our own issues" (Carla Bruni-Sarkozy).

I was looking at last year's post I did for International Women's Day. I got thinking about how lucky I am to be surrounded by such beautiful, wonderful women! Also, how grateful I am to be able to continually get travel and meet new and empowering women from all over the world, I am able to learn so much from them!

I feel so lucky and blessed to be a woman. I know it may sounds cheesey, or cliche, but seriously! Women are the heart of society – earners, caregivers, nurturers, drivers of change and I am proud to be a part of that force.

It is our shared responsibility to help ensure that our sisters in developing countries also have access to the basic rights and services that most of us have the luxury to take for granted. By investing in women, we are investing in the health and development of families, of communities, and ultimately of entire countries.




I can't sleep :( I am sitting here in bed, not really thinking about anything specific other than the fact that I don't feel 100% up to par.

I went to spin tonight. I always feel so great after I finish, hence, the only reason I continue to go. However, everything between the first 5 minutes into class when I am already sweating puddles to the moment we begin slowing down and start stretching, is a slow, torturous DEATH. I am not exaggerating. It's awful! Let me explain. Tonight, 7:02 to 7:06 was not your usual four minutes. This was 45 minutes of death. I have NEVER seen the clock move so slow in my entire life! Then again, 7:17 to 7:19. Two minutes you say?! No! Never, there were at least 3 hours of hell that in those two measly minutes. Again, the clock? I think it was broken!

Well, as my hell on the bike continued tonight, my lungs started on fire! the crap that has been sitting in my chest waiting to decide if it wanted to make me feel crappy or go away has now made it's decision, I think...I hope not, but fear the worst! My chest is burning. No bueno; not a good sign.

Now on top of this, I can't sleep! I'm exhausted! However, my co-worker has officially gotten me hooked on LOST. I am almost a bit embarrassed to say I have become one of those people! What can I say? I tried to jump into it in the middle of season 3, but didn't get it. I decided, when it started getting all sorts of hype, not to waste my time. It wasn't until this co-worker of mine told me she threw LOST parties. I caved. I felt left out; I was the new kid on the block (aka at work) and all the cool people were doing it! I wasn't going to, but then she told me she owned every season. So I decided since I didn't have to waste money renting them, that I would give it a chance. I watched 2; I told her I would give it one more and probably be done. I guess that three was the lucky number and somehow enticed me to spend all weekend wrapped up in my comforter, staring at my laptop...hitting "next" at the end of every episode. That is until...I came to the end of season one, with nothing but one unproductive weekend on my slate! Awesome. I'm an addict and my drug dealer is now withholding the second season. She came into my office today, waved in front of me and then told me I could not have it yet; the suspense had to build. I hate her for it. Okay, not really, but I wish I had it right now. I can't sleep! What better time!?!

Ugh. I have to be up in 5 hours for my Red Cross course. I suppose I should try to sleep...

03 March 2010

In Loving Memory...

This has been a very long time in coming! I had it started but am not very good at updating my blog, so it's been sitting in my unfinished box, waiting to be finished and posted. So let me now finish.

Back at the beginning of November I received a phone call. The phone rang; it was the hospital's number. I thought about answering and decided not to (I had gotten in a bit of trouble with HR the day before. I had quite a few 1-5 minute tardies that they were upset about - kind of a joke, but whatever, it was what it was). There was a voice mail that quickly followed, so I listened and it was one of the nurses that used to be a manage, who now does my schedule. Her voice sounded a bit shaken up as she asked that I please call her back asap. I picked up the phone and immediately called her back. She informed me that she was calling cause she knew that, because of the strange hours I have worked over my 8 years at the hospital, I had become very, very close to Jenny Seegmiller and that she wanted me to know that Jenny had passed away. "WHAT!?!?! Can't be, not Jenny!" was my answer back. I was in utter shock! Jenny was my OR mom! A very special person to me; someone that knew more about me than most people at the hospital! All I could do was cry and cry. I couldn't finish the conversation. I stopped long enough to ask what had happened and when. All the voice on the other end could say was that she didn't really know; the cops had found her dead in her house after she hadn't shown up for two shifts at work. I kindly thanked her for letting me know and spent a good portion of the rest of my day crying.

When I got to work the next morning, many of my questions were quickly answered. There were a lot of rumors going around Surgical Services, which made me anger. Most people didn't know Jen very well because she was a very private person and extremely stubborn - it was mostly only those that had either worked with her a long time or worked the crazy hours with her that really appreciated her and had taken the time to REALLY get to know her and learn from her. In fact, it even took me and Jen some time to warm up to each other, but not long. Because we worked all the graveyards, holidays and weekend shifts together, starting not too long after I had started at the hospital, we became close friends. Jen never had kids, but always told Steph and I (who she called the "Bobsy twins") that we were her children; I was her firstborn. She made me promise her all the time that I would work there the rest of her life. If I ever left the country to work, she wanted me to promise her that I would fly back for my Sunday shift. Jen shared in my happiness when something good happened in my life, she cried with me when I went through my big breakup and flopped proposal. She never missed my birthday, Christmas or either of my graduations - always had a gift and a nice card for me. The last that I received from her was a card and money for graduation. She told me she loved me and cherished our friendship and that she knew she couldn't keep me trapped in the hospital forever, but that I better at least visit her.

So, back to my questions being answered. I got to work that Friday morning. One of the anesthesiologist that I am very dear friends with called me. He asked me what was going on; he had seen some facebook posts mentioning how they will miss Jenny. I told him what I had heard and he was very upset, but then told me that he didn't think she was "that sick". I said, "excuse me?" He then told me that he had known that she had Lymphoma, that Jen had told him a couple years back but didn't want anyone to know it was her. So for awhile, she covered it all up by asking a few doctors questions about lymphoma, cause her "friend had it". She later told this anesthesiologist that her friend that she had told him about was actually her, but that she was doing well...that everything was under control. I guess whether or not it was actually the Lymphoma that really killed her in the end, or something she may have picked up during her trip to Mexico, which she had just made, we'll never know. But either way, it breaks my heart that she died alone, without anyone. Such a typical Jen move, not wanting to inconvenience anyone or gather any pity from anyone. Damn her! No one should ever have to die alone and it breaks my heart that she did.

I miss her. A lot. Still now, even though it has been quite a few months. I think about her every Sunday during my shift and crave to have one of our long heart-to-heart conversations. She was an amazing person. Jen had one of the kindest hearts and a passion for caring about those that were close to her. She always told me that if I moved back to DC, that she wanted to come visit me during the Cherry Blossom Festival, because she couldn't think of too many things more lovely. I will always think of her when I see the Cherry Blossoms. I am so happy to have known her!!

Here is her obituary:

After a courageous battle with a lengthy illness, Jenny Seegmiller passed away on October 28, 2009. She was born in Brigham City on April 5, 1952, but spent most of her life in Salt Lake City. Nevertheless, a big part of her heart was always in Brigham City with her Shaw relatives. The other part of her heart was with the Seegmillers in Cedar City. She never tired of visiting there, especially if it involved time at the ranch. Even if she planned to sleep in, you could find her up early on the porch to watch the sunrise, or in front of the windows if it was too cold. She didn't want to miss anything.
Jenny was first a caregiver, doting on patients, friends, family and co-workers. She was devoted to her work as a surgical nurse in the operating rooms of LDS hospital and the new IHC Medical Center for more than 35 years. If someone she knew was having a procedure, Jenny was always there for extra support and help, even if it meant coming in for an extra shift. Late each fall, Jenny would take time off work to make jelly, peanut brittle and her special cookies to give to friends and co-workers. Even with her illness, she left a supply to be distributed at Thanksgiving.
Jenny is survived by her mother Barbara (Harold) Clayton of Huntsville, AL, father Garn Seegmiller of St. George, UT, brother Jon, sister Heidi, niece Alta, nephew Kristian, as well as loving aunts, uncles and cousins too numerous to mention.
After a family service, a visitation will be held from 2 until 3:30 p.m. at Evans and Early Mortuary, 574 East 100 South, Salt Lake City.