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09 January 2012

First long run

Well here we are, with just under 10 weeks for me to train for this half marathon. I'm nervous and am definitely wishing I would have given myself a full 12 weeks, at minimum. It is what it is though. So Saturday afternoon, with 70 degree weather on a January afternoon, I set off for my first long run - probably the most I have ever run at one time, to be honest. I'm not going to lie...I'm hurting pretty bad!

I wanted to document all of my training here and hold myself to the truth (no exaggerating to make myself sound better) and be able to document my success and look at how I can improve. I think it helps motivate me, too.

Distance:  6.77 miles
During the run:  I felt really great during the run, overall. It was a bit rough during mile 2 and 3, but once I got in the groove of things, I was good to go. I did have to walk here and there.
After the run:  I felt tired immediately following the run (didn't sleep much though the night before) and ended up feeling a bit gross later that afternoon, but overall felt good.
Next day:  I went for a short run (1.8 miles in total, which I ran about 1.45 of) with my friend Shon...I was very tight and sore and it was a bit chilly outside.
Areas of soreness:  Mostly my calves and the ligaments/tendons around my ankles and feet
2 days after the run (today):  I haven't been able to do too much. I am really sore! Realizing that it may not have been the best idea to jump into an almost 7 miler after taking 3 weeks off from running during the holidays...but it was a beautiful day and I really wanted to get a long run in and it just happened that way. Tomorrow I've got to get on the treadmill though for a 3-4 miler.
Next long run: 7.5 miles Saturday (I am feeling ambitious?)


Mandi said...

Wow! Impressive. Good Luck with all the training. I didn't know you were back in Washington. Hope all is well. We live with my mom and dad right now so if your ever in town let me know.

Scarlett said...

Love you, Sher! I'm proud of you. I did 2.1 miles today...with one stop at 1.5. xoxo miss you. P.S. How's the book?

Brittany said...

You can do it girl!! Keep up the hard work! 10 weeks is plenty of time! :) Good luck.

CK said...

Wow, 6.77 is awesome! That is really great.
I have found that 1/2 marathon training is a constant series of exercises where you prove to yourself almost every day that there IS a second wind waiting for you on the other side of 3 miles. That 2.5 slump is a killer!

Michael and Staci said...

Impressive. You can do it! Hopefully you can get it a nice run tonight or tomorrow with this unusually warm end of January weather. :-)

Haley said...

Wish I could run it with you. I never got to do a DC race. almost did the army 10-miler, but then got pregnant. Maybe when we're back in the area. Best of luck- you'll rock it.