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06 May 2012

Kick Ass Life!

I have such a kick ass life! Seriously! I feel like I have been complaining A LOT lately and that I am constantly feeling down and throwing myself a bit of a pity party. I have had a rough month, with a lot on my plate. I feel like I have every bit of room to complain…but I don’t! I really have such a cool life and I need to be more grateful for the awesome things I get to do and amazing people that are in my life.
I am sitting in first class on a flight home from Ukraine right now. I am watching the Lion King, gearing up for my fourth trip to Africa (third in the last 6 months), following a long-anticipated vacation to New Orleans for the wedding of one of my closest friends and her lovely fiancé. Seriously I have NO room for complaining about anything in my life!
So, while I actually have time to really sit down and write, I am going to give the life update from 2012, as a reminder to myself about how amazing my life is! 
I will post it all at once, soon...with photos. I almost finished writing what I wanted to, but will complete and post after I am back from the May travel madness!

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